My Child’s Crown Came Off. What do I do?

Stainless steel crowns are the longest lasting and best fitting restoration we can give in pediatric dentistry, however on some occasions, these crowns can come off, creating confusion for parents. If you follow these three steps, you can make replacing the crown a simple experience.

1. Identify the cause (and try to prevent)

The number one cause of a missing crown is sticky candy. Even the strongest cement is no match for the power of sticky candy! If your child has crowns in his or her mouth, please try to limit the amount of sticky foods they eat, this will save you several trips to the dentist, re-cementing the crown.

2. Find and save the crown

Many people assume that replacing a missing crown will be as easy as finding the same size, however nearly all crowns we have placed are custom formed to fit your kid’s unique dentition. By bringing in the saved crown, you will not only save yourself and the dentist several minutes of time, but also save your child that time from being in the chair. If you are unable to find the crown or it was greatly damaged, that’s okay we can always fit a new crown.

3. Make an appointment ASAP

Once your child’s crown has come off, the clock has started ticking before their teeth shift and make a simple replacement much more difficult or even impossible. If your kid’s teeth shift too much in between the time the crown has come off and appointment time, it basically means we have to start from scratch (meaning at the very least a shot, more drilling, and possibly another sedation or even operating room visit). Although your kid;s teeth won’t shift overnight, to prevent another office visit we highly recommend making an appointment at one of our locations the moment your notice the crown is missing.

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