Visiting the Toothseum

Reed calling to set up an appointment

Often times kids (and their parents!) can be apprehensive coming to the dentist or a new office for the first time. We realize this and are introducing the Toothseum– a fun way to introduce your child to our office and dentistry. 

Tucked away next to our  Dominion Crossing waiting room, we have several activities and games for new patients to teach them about our office, cavities and dentistry. 

Kids with Special Needs

This is fun for kids of all ages, but especially kids with special needs including Autism Spectrum Disorder. Kids with Autism can visit our Toothseum several times before ever sitting in the dentist’s chair. 

Multiple easy visits to the office before an examination has been shown to help kids relax and get more comfortable in the environment.

After several fun visits, kids can ease into a regular check-up appointment. This is true for all kids, not just those with special needs!

A Learning Environment

The best way for kids to have good oral health is to teach them. Once they understand the concept of “sugar bugs,” your kids take a more active role in their own prevention. 

Our goal as specialists in pediatric dentistry is to educate kids in their oral health to set them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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